About Us

Botanika Beauty was created to connect our roots and culture to a product that celebrates the overlooked and underrepresented Latina woman in the haircare and beauty industry. A botanica is a small neighborhood store that sells healing herbs and other items associated with self healing. Each product made by Botanika Beauty includes these healing herbs that not only enhance our mental wellness but also our physical wellness. .

Our Mission

Our products celebrate all hair types within the Latina and multicultural community. It is our purpose to go beyond just selling a product by providing value and support of our community. Botanika Beauty defines us with our products that are made by us for us; transcending hair care to self care through our inner goddess. Much like botanicas which are are a fixture in Latino communities, Botanika Beauty was inspired by a social niche and the need to provide the community with products that link past traditions to the present. The Botanika Beauty range consists of high quality products formulated with the best ingredients for today's woman on the go.
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Meet Our Founder

Aisha Ceballos-Crump

Passion, Grit, and Enthusiasm are the keys to success for Beauty Entrepreneur, Aisha Ceballos-Crump. Always having a passion for the beauty industry, Aisha studied chemical engineering at Purdue University. Upon graduation, Aisha went to work in engineering and sales and it didn’t take long before her passion for beauty resurfaced and took center stage. After a failed attempt at reality TV, Aisha started her journey in the beauty world. For the next 16 years, she worked in the hair & skincare industry, developing products, formulas, manufacturing and marketing for several major beauty brands. This experience gave her the expertise necessary to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Finally in 2016, Aisha stepped out on faith and began working on her own products; one that she had been using on her own multi-cultural family for over a decade. One range that was effective for the entire family to use based on her secret ingredient, honey. Thus, Honey Baby Naturals was born. Honey Baby Naturals became an instant success making Aisha the first Latina to have a natural hair and skin care line in mass retail. This accomplishment was a huge turning point that inspired Aisha to create her next brand, Botanika Beauty. The Latina community was underserved and ignored and Botanika Beauty created a strong voice for the Latinx community. Botanika Beauty launched in 2019 and is now available in Target and Walmart stores. Of all her accomplishments, Aisha is most proud of the opportunity to represent Latina women in the community, while inspiring others to follow their dreams. In 2020, Aisha and her husband Greg of 19 years along with their three children launched Beauty Loft, a first of its kind beauty brand incubator that aims to help entrepreneurs develop successful brands. She hopes that her success thus far will empower women of color to become bold leaders and pave the way for future generations.

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