About Us

Celebrating and empowering women in the Latinx and multicultural communities by empowering our inner goddess.


Community:  Botanika Beauty was created to connect our roots and culture to a product that celebrates the overlooked and underrepresented Latina woman in the haircare and beauty industry.  A botanica is a small neighborhood store that sells healing herbs and other items associated with self healing.  Each product made by Botanika Beauty includes these healing herbs that not only enhance our mental wellness but also our physical wellness.  Our products celebrate all hair types within the Latina and multicultural community.   It is our purpose to go beyond just selling a product by providing value and support of our community.  Botanika Beauty defines us with our products that are made by us for us;  transcending hair care to self care through our inner goddess.



The Definer Light Curl Cream 

Bay Leaf- conditions

Marshmallow Root- hydrates, thickens, detangles, conditions

Moringa Oil- moisturizes, strengthens, protectant


The Enhancer Mousse

Thyme- promotes hair growth, helps control dandruff

Tarragon- retains moisture, provides luster to dry and frizzy, makes vibrant and healthy

Sage- promotes hair growth, revitalizes dry and thinning hair, adds thickness


The Revitalizer Deep Conditioning Mask

Avocado Oil- moisturizes, strengthens, prevents breakage

Mango Butter- deep moisturizing, softens dry hair, reduces breakage smooths split ends

Garlic- kills germs and bacteria, stimulate hair growth


The Hydrator Curl Cream

Cacao- promotes hair growth,

Honey- moisturizer, shine, restore natural luster

Rosemary- promotes hair growth, shine, luster


The Mender Protein Treatment

Egg Protein- cleanses, strengthens, promotes growth, fights dandruff

Oregano- removes dandruff, antibacterial, thick and shiny hair, detangles


The Protector Styling Gel


Flaxseed- prevent breakage and frizz

Lavender- promotes hair growth, antimicrobial


The Stimulator Oil Serum

Sage- promotes hair growth, revitalizes dry and thinning hair, adds thickness

Cinnamon- promotes hair growth by removing build-up from scalp for healthier follicles

Jojoba- nourishes, strengthens, promote hair thickness