2021 Caras de Botanika Contest

Botanika Beauty is much more than a beauty brand. Botanika Beauty is a lifestyle brand that celebrates our rich Latinx culture, heritage, and beauty through a collection of amazing products that are authentic to our roots. Inspired by Botanicas, which are fixtures in the Latinx communities, Botanika links past traditions to the present through proven natural ingredients and award-winning formulas. Botanika Beauty inspires us to honor our inner goddess and reminds us that self-care is self-love. And we want every Latina to discover her inner goddess!

So often all Latinas are stereotyped into one mold. We seek amazing women who have embraced their inner and outer beauty and love their natural hair. Kinky, curly, wavy, or straight; from Los Angeles to NYC with roots in Latin America, South America, Mexico, Central America, and of course the Caribbean. Our Caras through their ambassadorship touch on a variety of topics that impact the Latinx community, including beauty, colorism, and sexism… Yes, we talk about hair care and beauty, but we also want to talk about race, education business, and empowerment in the diaspora.

2021 Caras de Botanika Winners

Dianca Fernandez
Glorivee Toribio
Glorisette Santiago-Rivera